Real Avid Scraper Utensile Multiuso specifico per AR10 - AR15 - AK47

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Real Avid Scraper Utensile Multiuso specifico per AR10 - AR15 - AK47
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Codice: VC005159





Scraper for AR10:

The AR10 Scraper saves cleaning time by removing built-up fouling fast. It’s precision made to match 12 surfaces on all 4 major parts of the bolt carrier group: the bolt carrier, bolt, bolt cam pin, and firing pin. A punch for the firing pin retaining pin is located at the front for quick disassembly.


Firing pin (large dia.)

Firing pin (small dia.)

Bolt cam pin

Bolt carrier scraper (2) 

Bolt tail interior

Bolt tail exterior

Bolt tail shoulder

Bolt waist

Between bolt lugs

Bolt face

Behind-cartridge extractor


Scraper for AR15:

Carbon is the enemy of black guns. Regular use quickly builds up carbon on bolts and ring pins. The moving parts require a precision-scraping solution, so we developed The Scraper—the first scraper designed to clean 12 critical surfaces on the bolt carrier group. The innovative, double-ended swivel design saves time by removing carbon quickly and easily from the entire bolt carrier group. Carbon just ran out of places to hide.


Firing pin large diameter scraper

Bolt tail exterior scraper

Behind-cartridge extractor scraper



Scraper for AK47:

The AK47 Scraper is a precision tool dedicated to the removal of baked-on carbon buildup from the gas piston and bolt of your favorite AK. It includes wrenches and multi-surface scrapers, and is easier and faster than both solvents and brushes. Because we’re here to get you back to doing what you love—dirtying up your AK.


Multiple piston faces (2 diameters 1 conical)

Piston circumference

Slot to assist opening the gas tube access lever

Piston grooves

Piston shaft

Flat driver for pistol grips

Firing pin tip