Brite Strike Kit Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System -LSREB60HLS

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Brite Strike Kit Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System -LSREB60HLS
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The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System was developed by a police officer as a safe, simple, and easy to use, economical personal safety and protection system. 

The slim tactical flashlight is made with the same high-quality and precision craftsmanship as higher-priced models used by law enforcement and military agencies and utilizes 170 lumens of brilliant, flawless white light to momentarily blind and disorient an attacker. 

• Small enough to hold comfortably in one hand for use as a defensive weapon in case of attack. 

• Unique patented "Tactical Touch®" end cap switch allows the user to switch from high to low to strobe    settings, all with a light touch of your finger. 

• The flashlight comes with a leather quick deployment fashion holster with a “writsty” so the light can be    carried on your wrist, or be clipped on the outside of a purse, briefcase or clothing. 

• The personal safety alarm is small and rugged, yet loud enough to scare off an attacker and alert others.

   It has a durable lanyard so it can be with you when you go to work or for a jog.


The Lightning Strike® Personal Protection System is designed specifically to reduce the incidents of assaults, and overall violence against women. It is designed as not just a product, but an overall personal protection program for women to utilize on college campuses, while jogging or walking, or even just strolling to their car in a dark parking lot. The system includes the only tactical flashlight specifically designed as a personal safety product for women, as well as a personal alarm that emits a 120 decibel shrieking alarm when activated. The Lightning-Strike® Personal Protection System makes a unique gift for a loved one. It comes with a neck lanyard, attractive leather quick deployment holster, and tough coiled polymer light lanyard.






• Max Output: up to 170 lumens

• Battery: One AA Alkaline (included)

• Length: 4 inches



• 170 Lumen LED Flashlight

• Leather Holster With Spring Clip

• 120 dB Personal Alarm

• Durable Coiled Polymer Lanyard

• Wrist Strap

• AA Battery

• Neck Lanyard