Hyskore Rest Compact Shooting Rest -30272

Hyskore Rest Compact Shooting Rest -30272
€ 129,00
Codice: VC005022





The HYSKORE® Compact Shooting Rest was designed to provide a stable, light weight gun support platform that will accommodate all long guns including those with high capacity magazines and pistol grips. It is also portable and compact for easy transport and storage.


The HYSKORE® Compact Shooting Rest is 23” long by 6” wide in its transit and storage configuration and expands to 16.75” in width by 20.5” in length when the stabilizer arms are deployed to provide maximum stability when shooting from a bench. 



The rest features (2) two forward leveling and elevation jacks and one elevation jack at the rear which also serves as a fine elevation adjustment. All the jacks can be fixed in place with a locking knob. There is a forward V-notch gun support which can be adjusted for elevation and rear pedestal. All gun contact surfaces are padded with a closed cell protective foam