DVD -Monster Black Bears

DVD -Monster Black Bears
€ 5,00
Codice: VD002233



I DVD di Jim Shockey's sono considerati il massimo del settore venatorio; vere e proprie "bibbie" sulla caccia in tutto il mondo.

Riprese fantastiche, scenari da favola con abbattimenti utilizzando varie tipologie di armi.

Durata circa 90 minuti. 11 spettacolari cacciate all'orso. In inglese.




 Spot and stalk the biggest black bears in the world, on renowned Vancouver Island, with outfitter Jim Shockey!! They are not afraid of humans, they grow to enormous size and they don't run away!

11 Spectacular Hunts!

Watch as Jim and his hunters stalk to within nearly touching distance of huge black bears. Hold your breath when the bears turn and come towards the hunters! Catch the excitement as hunter after hunter takes their best shot. Witness the pros work on these ancient black giants of the coastal rainforests!