Hogue Guance Gomma Anatomiche Beretta 92-98

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Hogue Guance Gomma Anatomiche Beretta 92-98
€ 36,00
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Codice: AA001263BE



Le guance monopezzo avvolgenti in gomma della Hogue sono le migliori e più comode in assoluto. Le scanalature per le dita danno maggior controllo ed aiutano ad acquisire l'obiettivo in maniera più veloce e precisa anche in tiro di rapida sucessione.

Adatte per tutti i modelli 92F, 92F-S, 92SB, 96 e 98.



Hogue Rubber Wraparound Grips are the absolute best and most comfortable grips made for the these popular pistols. The proportioned finger grooves aid in control of the handgun and enhance accuracy by helping the shooter acquire the target faster and more consistently shot after shot. Our exclusive molding process gives these grips a comfortable soft recoil absorbing feel and produces the ultimate grip for these popular pistols. They are made by OverMolding our soft rubber over a hard inner skeleton or "insert". Because the rubber we use chemically bonds to the insert, a smooth hard surface can remain on the inside of the grip. This duplicates the precise stock grip configuration and allows us to maintain exacting tolerances, assuring a proper fit and a grip that will function flawlessly. This one-piece grip wraps around the front of the frame and simply installs using your stock or Hogue screws. This grip fits Beretta models 92F, 92F-S, 92SB, 96 and M9. Check with Beretta or Hogue if you do not see your model listed.